Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Eeee blog award!

Hello guys!

I got myself a blog award! So so happy at the moment...and it's all thanks to the lovely Emma from Eyeshadow & Glitter, do check her blog out!

The rules are as follows,
♥ Thank and link the person who awarded you,
♥ Write 7 random things about yourself,
♥ Spread the love to 15 other bloggers.

So here are 7 random things about me...
1) I love maths! So much so that I'll be doing a masters in it at uni hah...
2) The idea of collecting bisque dolls make me happy, and I have 3 already...but they can get a little spooky!
3) Pokemon is, and always will be my favourite game (yes I know it's repetitive).
4) I love my Asian dramas, recent favourites include My Girl and Guilty Akuma to Keiyakushita Onna.
5) Love The Libertines, The Strokes, Pulp and Gorillaz...thanks to a certain someone :)
6) When I'm older, I want a white Pomeranian and a ginger Munchkin....so cuteeee!
7) My favourite mug has Piglet on it. Why you ask? It's really big, thus less trips downstairs for water! (Score)

And the 15 bloggers...
1) Popblush
2) Amyboo
3) Gaby
4) Aya
5) Chloe
6) Huong Lee
7) Julia & Storm
8) Kumiko Mae
9) Tabitha
10) Dolly Daydream
11) Helen
12) Monika
13) Lita
14) Amy
15) Jo

Much Love,

Friday, 16 September 2011

A little blog sale haul...♥

Good aaafternoon!

I recently bought two dresses and a nail polish from the lovely Chloe at The Beauty Corner. In fact, it was only the day before yesterday! She posted the package the day after I paid by first class, and it arrived the next day! Everything came in a bubble wrap envelope, and was wrapped very nicely with tissue paper (pink, may I just add :D ).

Chloe was also sweet enough to send me a thank you card! :)

Thank YOU girl, for being so sweet :)

I got really excited when I saw the dresses, both from New Look, and had to try them on right away! So yeah, please excuse my makeup-less face :P

I absolutely love the patterns on these dresses, and they're the perfect size for me too! Haha, it's like Christmas has come early.

And last but not least, I bought the BarryM Nail Paint in black. I feel that black is such a timeless colour, I look forward to trying this nail polish out!

Chloe's blog sale can be found here! It's worth a look because there are plenty of great products left...a couple of examples would be Revlon nail polishes for £1 each or £2.50 for 3, and Mac Lovelorn for £5! Her blog also makes a good read! I love how she has such a variety of posts, from product reviews to health and fitness posts, she's got it all. Please do check her out :)

I've been a bit slack with my posts recently, it'll be the holidays getting to me. I've got a few future posts in mind already, so I have no intention of abandoning this blog!

It's Friday! Yayyyy, happy weekend guys :)

Much love,
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