Thursday, 18 August 2011

Chuui Rambles: A post to take my mind off results! (Since updated!)

Thursday 18th August. The dreaded results day. Today will be the day I find out my A-level results, and whether I met my beastly offer of A*A*AA... It is also my 19 month anniversary with my boyfriend, and we've got lovely anniversary things planned for the day. I really hope the day isn't ruined by my results! I wanted to do a bit of blogging to take my mind off results..just a little rambley post today!

Update: I got the grades I needed! :D Wooooooooop hahha....managed to get A*A*A*A, which I am more than happy about! So incredibly relieved :)

I went for a shop earlier this week, and picked up a beautiful pair of shoes from Baratts! There was a sale on inside and I just couldn't resist a peek...and found these beauties!

I love, love, love the bow at the front! They were originally £28, and were reduced to £10....what a find! I was incredibly happy when I saw these shoes in my size haha. Baratts seems to always have a sale every time I go into town, maybe it's the failing economy...I picked up a nice little dress from H&M too, which I forgot to take a photo of, but it's blue and white and polka dotty! :)

I also dyed my hair red, or at least attempted to! I bought a box of hair dye from Schwarzkopf, the actual name of the hair dye escapes me...the shade was called mahogany though! The colour chart looked promising,the result looked great even for dark brown hair. I had very high hopes as I washed the dye out of my hair, but alas, I should have known there was no way my hair could have got lighter in colour! I think it's quite nice though, especially when it catches the sun. Under indoor lighting it is very subtle and just warms up my complexion, so I'm happy. Okay I realise my hair doesn't look red in the photo below, but I swear it is, just very very subtly! Haha...

A childhood friend of mine bought me a box of moon cakes from China! I received them yesterday and they love them! Unlike conventional moon cakes, which are round, they are shaped into little rabbits! I think they are beyond adorable, and they taste very yummy too. Eee love her so much :)

Ooo I also experimented with my gel eyeliner today, and I think it turned out quite pretty! Hehe...

This is my first updatey/rambley post isn't it! Well I hope it makes a good has taken some of my nervousness away, which is good.

Good night everyone!

Much love,


London's-beauty said...

Hey hun, good luck for tomorrow. Do update us :)) !

Love those pretty shoes ^__^ what a bargain for £10.

♥Mishi à la mode♥ said...

nicenice! GL ^_^ i love the eyeliner- very korean popstar-esque. hehe

PopBlush said...

I love the gel liner application! Very nice~

Good luck with your results hun! xo

Aya said...

LOOOOVE the shoes! :D

Beautyshades said...

beautiful shoes. Your hair looks so pretty and shiny:)

Jo Woods said...

Lovely shoes and that geliner looks fab :)xxx

Chuui said...

@ London's-beauty
Thanks so much! :)

@ ♥Mishi à la mode♥
Heheh, never been great with my eyeliner, think I'm getting the hang of it though! :)

@ PopBlush
Thank youuuuuuuuuu :)

@ Aya
Not the most comfortable in the world, but certainly pretty! Haaha...

@ Beautyshades
Thank you! My hair used to be horrible...conditioner really makes all the difference! Haha :)

@ Jo Woods
Thanks so much :)

Amy said...

Aww, the moon cakes look adorable!

Really nice job with the gel eyeliner!

Lita said...

Congrats on your grates :) I love the shoes! :) and the moon cakes look so cute! :)

Monika said...

Wow well done, awesome grades

& Those shoes are gorgeous!

The moon cakes look sooo cute. What are they like?

are you dressing up or dressing down said...

Gorgeous shoes and eye make up :).

Helen, X

Amyboo said...

Bunny shaped moon cakes?! Sounds like heaven in my mouth. ^____^

The heels are also very pretty!

Dolly Daydream said...

mmm, the bunny's they look delicious!

WOw, i love the gel liner, you've done it so well!

Chuui said...

They were very yummy too! And thanks :)

Thank youuuuuu

Thanks! The moon cake were tasty, but I prefer normal moon cakes...the cream ones had a coconut filling and the brown ones were chocolate...mmmm they were good!

@are you dressing up or dressing down
Thanks a lot :)

Hehehe...they were!

@Dolly Daydream
Eeee thank you!!!

Kumiko Mae said...

super super cute shoes! and i love how you do your eyes :D

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