Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Chuuful Nails + Review: Rimmel 60 Seconds Nail Polish - 320 Rapid Ruby; Update!

Whilst browsing in Superdrug last week, I came across an amazing deal. Buy two Rimmel 60 Seconds nail polishes for £4.99, or £3.69 each. I could not resist this deliciously tempting offer and picked up the shades 320 Rapid Ruby and 805 Grey Matter. I will be reviewing and doing a NOTD with Rapid Ruby today, a similar post for Grey Matter will follow! :)

Rapid Ruby is such a classic red, not too bright nor muted, it's got its balance just right. I just had to try this nail polish out as soon as I got home. I've never been a big nail polish girl (it smells terrible, I have a really unsteady hand, and the painful wait for nail polish to dry really kills me off), but I am actually loving this 60 Seconds nail polish!

Sorry, didn't realise the brush was out of focus!

The nail polish has an 'Xpress Brush', which Rimmel claims is capable of applying nail polish in just one second. I certainly can't apply nail polish that quickly! That said, the brush is quite big, so it fans out and covers more nail area per stroke. Due to the size of the brush it also holds onto a lot of product. This is good for the thumbs, but can be messy on the pinkies especially.

It being a fast drying nail polish, I was doubtful as to whether I'd like the nail polish formula. Fast drying nail polishes have always been gloopy for me, which is incredibly annoying as you have to pile the polish on to make the polish surface look smooth. The smooth surface will undoubtedly be ruined later that day because thick coats of nail polish never seems to dry. I actually love the formula! It slides smoothly onto the nail, and is opaque after just one coat! (Such a time saver!). The colour on the nail is very true to the colour in the bottle, so that's a bonus. The polish also dries very quickly, so I managed to quickly get back to the rest of my day. I even had a shower fairly soon after painting my nails, as I was getting very tired! I thought my nails would look awful afterwards for sure, but they survived 10 minutes of hot water just fine :)

I had no foundation on in this photo..scary how much more tanned my face is than my hand!

I have had this nail polish on for five days now, and there are signs of tip wear and tiny chips, but that's to be expected taking the way I treat my nails into account! These signs of wear aren't even noticeable unless you look closely.

I think this nail polish has become my favourite nail polish so far! :)

Rating: 9/10  (not 10/10 because application can be messy with such a large brush!)

Repurchase: Definitely ♥

Little Update!

My boyfriend James set off for Japan last Friday, where he'll stay for his year abroad at uni. He will be attending a university in Tokyo, having lectures in Japanese. It's all very exciting as he is a very talented linguist, and I really look forward to hearing his Japanese when he gets back! He'll also get to soak up the culture, and eat loads of funky stuff, which I am very jealous about. He also has a blog, which he will keep during his stay in Tokyo. His posts will be very informative for those considering studying in Japan, and will make a great read for anyone who has an interest in life in Japan, Japanese culture and such. So please have a look around his blog! And if you are interested in what he gets up to, then please follow him on abritabroad11.blogspot.com. He also tweets quite regularly, follow @jsebright11 if you would like! :)

That's it for today! For those in the UK, hope you had a good bank holiday weekend :)

Much love,


Xx.Emma.xX said...

I Bought the Rapid ruby red nail polish as well x haven't worn it yet thou x

Amyboo said...

Ooo! The color is really pretty!
I've never tried Rimmel's nail products because I had the same fear that it would gloop up too much which I hated. Glad to hear it doesn't! :O

Your boyfriend is super lucky! I've always wanted to study in Japan in the future...:D

Chuui said...

You'll love it when you do! :)

You should really try the 60 second polishes, they're pretty awesome! And awwhs, you'll really enjoy it if you do decide to study there! He's not been there long but he's really enjoying himself so far! :)

Tabitha Sheridan said...

Wow this is a gorgeous colour! I think Rimmel is quite underrated! Great review x

London's-beauty said...

Hey hun, I've changed my blog name to: http://lifelivinginlondon.blogspot.com/

:} If you have a chance, you can enter my giveaway. :}

Lovely colour, I have this in bright pink.

I'll have a lil look at your bf's blog :)

London's-beauty said...

Oh I know that blog already :) x

PopBlush said...

That red is stunning!

secretfashionlove said...

What a beautiful color !
Love S.

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Chloe said...

Hiyaa, yes I can combine postage to the UK and the dress is a size small, it'd fit a UK 6 up to 10 :) xx

Chloe said...

sorry to keep replying on this post haha, but I don't usually, but I think I can do recorded delivery, it costs extra I think, I can check if you like xx

Chloe said...

I will do £4 for the dress with £2.50 postage (or £5 with £1.50 postage, depending on how you want to look at it!) so £6.50
or for £7 I'll throw in the nail polish too:) xx

Chloe said...

whoops! just realised i left off the short floral one, I could do that for £3 instead of £4 and the mila loves london one for £4 instead of £5 with £2.50 postage, so altogether, £9.50 or £10.00 for both dresses and the nail polish:) xx

Chloe said...

If you like, I can send an invoice and I'll pay the fee:) xx

Chloe said...

No problem! :) I've sent the invoice, if you pay tonight I can send it first class tomorrow:) xx

Chloe said...

great thanks, i'll have it on it's way tomorrow!:) xx

hayley86bright said...

really pretty colour xx

Emily said...

This looks lovely :) xx

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