Monday, 14 February 2011

Bubbles, bows, and Love Heart nibbles

Really quite disappointed, what I thought was the BB cream turned out to be a ring I ordered online...although the ring is very pretty and makes me happy :)

I have sent an angry message to the seller who I bought the BB cream from! Seriously, I ordered it on the 16th of last month and it has been nearly a month! It has exceeded the 21 working days upper boundary so they have no excuse! Sighs...Hope my current foundations can hold on for a bit longer...I'd be reluctant to buy from  xxxxxstore on ebay again, that's for sure.

I have been so incredibly stressed out recently! Sat two exams today...did a classic me and left everything till the last minute! Just very glad it's all over now!

Went for a little shop on Saturday with my boyfriend on Saturday and picked up a few goodies :) I got some Lush bubble bars. In my opinion bubble bars beat bath bombs any day! Who doesn't want to be smothered sweet scented bubbles? Hehe... so yes I picked up the Ma Bar and the Pop In The Bath Bubble Bar.

Ma Bar

The Ma Bar has always been a favourite for me. I think it one of my first ever purchases from Lush. I adore it. It smells beautiful, definitely good enough to eat!

Lush says...
"Ma Bar is a happy marriage between delicious cocoa powder and sweet orange oil, topped off with a dab of brown sugar. Tempted? Crumble in your tub to indulge in the biggest, fluffiest, toffee-chocolate bubbles imaginable and experience pure candy bar bliss."

Now this bubble bar is in no way sickly or overwhelming, I find it really relaxing and is my absolute favourite after a long day. Plus you end up smelling absolutely divine! The Ma Bar smells quite similar to the Honey Bee bath bomb, which I also love!

After all the hard work I've put in for my exams, I finally have time for a nice, long, relaxing bath! Cannot wait. :)

Pop In The Bath Bubble Bar

This is a new purchase for me, but am I glad I found  this! It smells the same as The Olive Branch shower gel, which I am currently in love with.

Lush says...
"Lovers of the Olive Branch will pop with delight for this gorgeous little flower. Pop in the Bath smells like a warm Mediterranean day in a massive citrus fruit orchard, complete with orange blossoms blowing in the breeze. We buy our lemon oil directly from our supplier in Sicily, so Pop in the Bath is the next best thing to booking your plane ticket away."

Lush have such a way with words would take me a ridiculous amount of time to come up with a good description of a smell. The bubble bar comes in a few different colours, blue, green, and white I think it was? All with a pink flower on top. My flower crumbled a little in the bag, so it isn't as pretty in the photo as it was in the shop...but it is the smell I'm after! quite excited to try this...and the comforter, which looks pretty cool.

I had a little peak in Primark and saw these little gems. They are absolutely adorable, and since I'm a sucker for bows, I just had to have them. And they were only £1.50! Primark are doing quite well with their bows this season, I like how they're stepping up their game.

This is it for now, happy Valentine's Day! :)


Valentine's Day, the perfect excuse to eat Love Hearts. <3

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