Sunday, 6 February 2011

Chicken, bonsai, and make-up...

My boyfriend and I celebrated our one year anniversary yesterday, we went out for an ultra yummy meal at Nando's and he decided to buy me my valentine's day present early! The meal was so lovely, it was the first time I tried peri peri chicken and it was simply gorgeous. The chips and pitta bread went down very well too. We both walked out feeling very, very full indeed (a sure sign of a great meal!).

For valentine's day my boyfriend decided to get me a bonsai. Instead of surprising me he gave me the opportunity to chose one for myself :)

I picked this Chinese Elm, because he is incredibly beautiful. He simply stood out amongst all the other bonsai! I was tempted by the peppercorn though, they smelt soo refreshing. Another perk is that Chinese Elms are very suitable for the newbie bonsai grower ;) I'm not very good with plants, you see...

He's getting re-potted in two or three weeks time,which is pretty exciting!'s strange how attached I am to him already... <3

I had a little wander in Boots too, and got a new mascara and eyebrow pencil.

I was really quite excited when I saw the packaging, the lace is a very pretty touch. The Maybelline Falsies Volum' Express mascara in Black Drama claims to lengthen and volumise in order to create a false lash effect, and all this without clumping. I have only used this product once so far, and it was amazingly clumpy. Although to be fair it did lengthen and first impressions are not great, but I'll give it another week or so.

I bought a Rimmel eyebrow pencil in 004 black brown. In my opinion it is very very good value for money! It was only £2.99 from Boots and is very easy to work with. I have not really felt the need to use eyebrow pencils up until now, and the result I get from this pencil is brilliant, even with no experience in application whatsoever. My only problem with it is that it is a smidge too dark for my liking (or is that just because I'm not used to seeing such prominence in my eyebrows?), I will probably purchase a lighter shade at some point too.

That's it for now :)


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Amy said...

Your little bonsai tree is so cute! I love looking at them! I hope I have one for myself one day.

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