Tuesday, 22 February 2011

L'OCCITANE en Provence Review

Righty so I found these two products in my room a few weeks ago and I have been trying them out.

The Mousse de Roses Bath and Shower Gel has got really pretty packaging and would add a nice touch to any bathroom!

This shower gel gently cleanses the skin, leaving it delicately perfumed. You can also use it as a foaming bath, where it transforms into a rich foam, releasing the fresh and slightly fruity fragrance of the Grasse rose, Bulgarian rose, Moroccan rose and the Turkish rose.

They were spot on about the smell! It is incredibly rosy, perhaps too much so. I think it is quite pleasant, but if you smell it directly from the bottle (which I just did) it can knock you out a bit! The fragrance does stay around for a long time though, which is good, if you're into that sort of thing. I used this in my shower last night and I can still smell it on my skin, albeit very faintly.

The product did not dry me out or moisturise me, so I am indifferent about it in this department. As it does not claim to do anything of the sort, I wasn't really expecting it anyway.

Now to the foaming. When I saw this my initial reaction was wow, if it can be used for a bath, the bubbles must be amazing! I could not have been more wrong. The gel barely worked into a rich lather when i applied it to my shower puff, and when it did it didn't hold for very long. I did use a generous amount of the gel too, so that wouldn't have been the issue. The bubbles were nothing compared to lush standards, but is that putting the bar too high? Mm.. I would have been a very disappointed girl if I used it in my bath, although the smell would probably make up for it!

Rating: 6/10
Repurchase: No

The Almond-Applle Sweet Peel came in quite a pretty box, but I don't know where it is...The actual packaging of the cream, especially the lid, looks a little tacky.

This exfoliating treatment contains crushed almond shells for a gentle exfoliation, an organic apple extract to refine skin's texture, apple cider vinegar to help tighten pores and almond oil to soften.

Skin is deeply purified, its texture is refined, smoother and softer to the touch.

This sounds brilliant right? I've always been a fan of natural exfoliants such as rice and fruit stones, so i had high expectations for this one. It smells quite creamy, reminds me of danish pastries...the yummy ones with the yellow bit in the middle.

Oh dear looking for this photo has made me realllly hungry! Anyways..

The product is in a cream form and looks a bit like the danish pastry filling! (Ah the temptation...) The dark pieces are the crushed almond shells.

This product was designed for the face, but it is not gentle enough for the eye area. When I first used this product it really did exfoliate my skin, a bit too well in some areas. My nose was almost shiny after using it! I nearly cried lol, but that was probably because I concentrated on my nose for too long... So first impressions were good! It did not leave a scent of any sort, which is good because I hate going to sleep when I can smell cosmetics on me, I just don't feel clean for some reason.

I looked in the mirror the next morning, and I had a massive break out on my face! I hadn't changed any part of my usual skincare routine, so I was able to be sure of the cause. I have combination skin, and this product is not aimed at a particular skin type, so I presumed I would be fine to use it. But thinking back, the deeply purifying statement should have sounded alarm bells.

I do like this product, as it did its job, but my skin just decided to hate it. I might use it on less sensitive parts of my body, like my feet, and see how that goes.

Rating: 5/10
Repurchase: No

I have not got off on a good start with L'OCCITANE, but I do know people who absolutely love the brand. I might try some other products out at some point!

See you in my next post :)


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