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Waist Slimming Tips and Tricks (Queen 18/02/2011)

I first found out about the Taiwanese show 《女人我最大》, or Queen, as it is called in English around two months ago. I have since been a loyal follower of the programme.

I think it is an absolute gem of a show. It talks make-up, hair, fashion, diets, health...and much much more. Queen gives such great tips and I always learn something new in each episode! It broadcasts every Monday to Friday and I watch it every day after school- a great way to relax after a long day.

The audio of Queen is in Mandarin Chinese, and there don't seem to be many episodes with English subtitles. In fact, I doubt many people outside of China have even heard of the show. I'm not too sure how long the show has been aired for, the answers Google came up with seemed to vary quite a lot...maybe around the six year mark? It is an absolutely fantastic show and I would recommend everyone who can understand Mandarin to watch it, but for those who can't...

I have decided to blog about certain episodes that I think will be of interest to everyone. The content really does vary from show to show, and not every episode is to my taste. I hope this will be beneficial for those who want to watch the show but can't, due to the language barrier.

So I have just finished watching the 18/02/2011 episode, which was titled "post new year pot belly rescue" (funny translation?! haha). Here are the tips I picked up from the show.

Hula hoops don't actually help slim down your waist

I was quite shocked when I heard this, as this is one of the oldest tips I know. According to the guru on the show, it is not the hula hoop, but the motion it induces that causes the toning of the stomach. Some may think the warm, burning sensation caused by the hoop (especially if it is quite a heavy one) is that of fat being burned, but it is in fact just irritation of the skin from the repeated friction. Just mimicking the circular motion would achieve the same results as hula hooping, but with less damage to your body.

Eating tomatoes aids digestion

The tomatoes being talked about here are salad tomatoes, as cherry tomatoes are higher in sugar and calorie content. At 15 calories per 100g, it is filling yet won't add on the pounds. Eating a tomato after a meal will help digestion, which is always good if you've had a little too much to eat! Eating a tomato before a meal means you will have less stomach room available for food, and you will thus feel more satisfied with a smaller portion. However, the tomato is classed as a 'cold' fruit. This is a term widely used in Asia, but I have not yet come across it in the UK. Basically, if you have a weak or sensitive stomach, then consuming 'cold' type foods is not recommended before a meal.

Each exercise session should last at least 30 minutes 

Aerobic exercise is the key to weight loss. The reason for the 30 minute rule is down to the way our bodies provide energy during exercise. As the duration of exercise increases, the energy source in fact changes. It goes from glucose in our blood, to glycogen, and finally fat. If you do not exercise for at least 30 minutes, you will not even be burning the fat, just the glucose in your blood stream. This might cause you to become hungry and cause you to snack. You might think it's okay after exercise, but you'll probably gain more weight as a result because your body fat remained unaffected during exercise!

Strawberries help with constipation

Strawberries are a good source of pectin and thus dietary fibre, which cannot be digested. This property becomes useful when you haven't been in a while...(!) At 25 calories per 100g, they are a low energy choice. Bananas are also a very good option, something which my mother has always taught me! However it is on the high calorie side, at around 95 calories per 100g.

So that's it guys, I hope you find this helpful! I really enjoyed this post, I've learnt a lot too :)


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sweetkuromi said...

Aww it's ok about ur ramble on my blog entry as it's already the afternoon that they hvnt reply me to state if the refund is done or not...I still hv the 2items that I'm gotta wait from them bt that amount of money I paid within for the moisturizer is what I would want back

N btw I also read the magazine 女人我最大too,loves their makeup n skin care tips so much

Anonymous said...

For a long time my friends would always say that Hula hoops works in shaping waist. So its a myth eh! good to know!

99information said...

Your tips about How to Become Slim is really good... thanks for your infomation.

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